1807, 2021

New schedule online

After yesterday's pre-entrie deadline we now have an overview of the entries. With 270 horses this year's Euro Paint will be a great event again. As always, there are also a few classes that did not have enough entries and were therefore removed from the schedule: Masters Western Riding SPB Western Riding Amateur Hunter Hack Hunter Hack SPB Hunter Hack Novice Youth Reining Youth SPB Reining Youth Reining Youth Ranch [...]

1607, 2021

Euro Paint entry deadline 07/17/2021

On Saturday 07/17/21 is the entry deadline for this year's Euro Paint. Please help us to plan and enter all entries in time. After entry closing, the entry option will be taken offline until the available entries are processed. After that, we will reopen it for late entries with the appropriate additional fee. Important to know: Only completely filled out entry forms which arrived in time will be accepted. Entry forms [...]

1207, 2021

Youth Walk Trot Pattern to practice online

For practicing we have put some patterns for the Youth Walk Trot classes online. One of the 6 patterns will also be selected for Euro Paint! Youth Walk Trot Pattern

1107, 2021

(Novice-) Amateur + Novice Youth Card

In order to compete in Novice Amateur, Amateur and Novice Youth classes, you need an appropriate card from APHA. This year it looks like this: On the top right you can see how long the card itself is valid and below when your membership expires. For Novice Amateur and Novice Youth there is a row of numbers at the bottom, which shows in which of the categories you are still [...]

807, 2021

Youth Walk Trot Showmanship + Horsemanship

The schedule was extended for all kids who have outgrown the Lead Line, but not yet far enough for the Youth classes, with 2 competitions. The Youth Walk Trot Showmanship and the Youth Walk Trot Horsemanship. All children between 6 and 11 years can practice here among their peers and with pre-published patterns. You will find the possible patterns on our website this weekend and then you can start practicing. [...]

807, 2021

Announcement online – entry possible from Friday 6 p.m.

The ANNOUNCEMENT is now online. From tomorrow, Friday, 6 p.m. we will release the entry form in the portal, before that no entry is possible. The deadline for entries will be 17.07.2021. We will take the entry form offline briefly at midnight on that day and release it again for late entries after reviewing the existing entries. Those who have not yet registered should do so now. Here again some [...]

607, 2021

Schedule online

After the Euro Paint 2020 had to be cancelled due to Corona, the work for the 21st Paint Horse European Championship is finally starting. We are looking forward to welcoming you from August 22nd - 29th at Gut Matheshof in Rieden/Kreuth for the 5 judge show. The schedule is now online and both the announcement and the entry form will follow in the next few days. The closing date for [...]

507, 2021

How to make an entry in the online portal

First of all, you must register at with the participant's account. Every participant needs an own account, only children under 16 years can be registered with their parents/guardians. When you are logged in, you can click on "Create show entry now" in the lower left corner. Next you select an exhibitor. In most cases only you are entered, if you have children who should participate, you can select them [...]

507, 2021

What data you need about the horse

What information do I need to have ready for my entry? In order to be able to enter your starts, you have already completed an important step. You have registered in the entry portal. If the show is now released for entry, you must of course know which classes you want to start and what you need for boxes, but much more important are the data that you must enter [...]

507, 2021

Online entry portal – register now

In order to be able to make your entry in the portal, you first need an access and must register. This is only necessary once, because all data will be saved and therefore your entry can be done much faster next year. We will release the entry form for the Euro Paint in a few days, until then you should all have had the opportunity to create an account. The [...]

507, 2021

Save the date

From August 22 to August 29, 2021, the largest Paint Horse show outside the US will take place again in Rieden / Kreuth. In the hope that by then Corona will no longer be an obstacle, the Youth World Games will also take place.

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