First of all you have to register in the entry portal at!

Here you have to register once as a participant and in the future you can do each further entry without re-entering. This means that if you have already registered in previous years, you do not have to do this again. If you are unsure with which email address you have registered, send a short email to , we can check it for you.

Because data of you are stored here, it is necessary due to the data protection regulation, that everyone creates its own account. Only children up to 16 years can also be created under the account of the parents.

The horses are also created only once, but this happens only with the first entry. Horses that have already been entered last year can now be selected from the list. Please do not create a horse a second time, otherwise the APHA fee will be charged twice!

For new horses you can look up the transponder number or the UELN from the equine passport. In addition to the data on the Certificate Of Registration, we always need the transponder number or UELN of the horse and the address of the stable in which the animal is permanently stabled due to the new livestock regulations. If you have these data at hand, then the entry will go a little faster.

If there are problems with the registration, please check first if all mandatory fields are filled in. If it still does not work, please send us a screenshot to , we will help you then.

The most important questions that come up again and again are already answered here:

Is it possible to create 2 accounts with the same email address?
No, that is not possible. Due to the basic data protection regulation, everyone whose data has been stored must know about this. This applies to all persons over the age of 16. The probability is higher that the information is correct if no already used email address is used.

What about children under 16?
Since they are not yet legally capable, a parent or legal guardian must submit the entry. Therefore the legal guardian needs an account and creates the child as described in the instructions for registrations.

What do I have to do if I can’t log in with the email address and the automatically created password?
First, check the entered email address carefully and then enter the password manually with all special characters and respecting the upper and lower case. Copy+Paste does not always work here, sometimes you catch a space and the login does not work.

I did not enter all data correctly during the registration and did not understand how to change them.
First of all you have to log in, you can see that next to the little man on the top right your name appears. If you click on the arrow, you will get to “My Profile”. Here you can edit your data and later click on “Save” in the lower right corner.

My address has changed or I am no longer a youth, what do I have to do?
Again, you have to log in and go to “My profile”. There you can edit the data or remove the divisions Y(outh) and NY(outh) and insert A(mateur), NA(mateur) or O(pen).

Why do I have to enter the divisions?
Without the divisions you will not see all classes to enter. You will only see the classes that are possible for you and your horse. Therefore it is important to enter the correct data.

Can I enter the entry on my cell phone?
The entry portal is not responsive programmed. If at all, you can only see all fields when you take your cell phone across. It is better to use a computer

What information about the horse do I need for the entry (if the horse has not already been entered for other shows)?

Name -> As stated on the Certificate of Registration (CoR) of the APHA / for foals not yet registered please enter NameSire x NameDam

APHA Reg-No. -> you will find this also on the (CoR) / for not yet registered foals please enter 999999

Date of birth


Breed -> here you have to choose between Paint Horse (=Regular) or Paint Horse Solid

Futurity/Maturity -> If you set the field to “yes” you will also get the corresponding classes to enter (of course the horse must also be eligible to start)

Transponder or UELN No. -> We need this information because of german regulations. You will find the transponder number (microchip number) in the equine passport.
In older PHCG passports on page 3 (microchip number) In new PHCG passports on page 1 (transponder code)

In passports from other issuing authorities, the position may of course differ, but it should always be indicated with a transponder code or microchip number.

As the transponders did not become mandatory until 2013, it is also possible that no transponder was set for horses born earlier. In this case we need the “Lebensnummer/Numéro unique d’identification valable à vie/Identification No./No. D’identification” which can also be found in the equine passport.

As it is possible that a foal in the company of the dam does not yet have an equine passport, please enter the transponder number of the dam. As horses may only be transported with an equine passport or at the company of the dam, you must bring this passport with the dam.

Since this data does not change (except for stallions that are gelded), the data of the horse will be saved for future entries. Please take care to enter the data correctly, because it is not possible for you to change it later. Changes can only be made by us as admin and therefore errors can delay your entry.


The way through the entry form is actually self-explanatory, but we have put together a guide with screenshots for you.

Instruction entry