We would like to briefly point out the usual things so that you can take care of them now and save stress and money.

Is a Certificate of Registration (CoR) from APHA already issued?

Horses born in 2024 can be presented at the show without a CoR, but we need a Registration Application.

All horses born earlier need a CoR. Please keep in mind that in the meantime a DNA check is necessary and therefore papers cannot be issued at the show. In order to get a CoR in time, you should take care of it immediately.


Is the Certificate of Registration of the APHA already issued to you or does the horse officially still belong to the previous owner?

The easiest and cheapest way to register the transfer is via PH Central (formerly MyShowDay) https://phcentral.innate.ly/.

Once you have created an account there, all you need are good photos of the front and back (with signed transfer, of course) of the CoR and a credit card. The menu item “Transfer” will guide you through the individual questions.

Of course you can also have the transfer done on site at the APHA Office. However, please note the following points:

  • The transfer must be done the day before the first class.
  • The more expensive “paper” fee as well as a rush fee will be charged.
  • Payments cannot be made in cash, you will need a credit card.


Do you have an APHA membership that runs until at least 08/2024?

You can renew online and pay only 79 USD. If you renew at the show it will be 89 Euro.

Online you need a credit card and can easily renew your membership at

https://www.aphaonline.org/APHAOnline/join/join.aspx or https://phcentral.innate.ly/

to renew or apply.


Would you like to apply for a Show Lease and have not done so yet?

It is mandatory that the Show Lease is created before the show, so we recommend that you apply now. This can be done either through PH Central https://phcentral.innate.ly/ or with this form https://apha.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/ShowLeaseAuthorization_2024_nofill.pdf

Please remember that the horse then belongs to the lessee for a limited period of time. The actual owner or his family members cannot start amateur classes during this period.


You have had your stallion gelded?

If you want to start Halter classes or a youth wants to show the horse, it is mandatory that the gelding is registered with APHA first. The fastest way is via this online form: https://americanpainthorseassoc.formstack.com/forms/?3937775-YahAPyPXgs.

You only need good pictures of the CoR!

Alternatively you can bring the original CoR to the show, so we can register the change!

You want to start (Novice-) Amateur or Novice Youth classes and don’t have an APHA card yet?

For only 15 USD you can apply for the cards online. You will need a credit card.

2024 (Novice-) Amateur Card Application

2024 Novice Youth Card Application

Of course it is also possible to apply on the spot, but then we have to charge 48 Euro, which have to be paid cash or by bank transfer.