Due to a given occasion we would like to clarify the topic of show leasing once again. The APHA offers the possibility to lease a horse for the current calendar year. This is like a temporary sale of the horse to another person.

A Show Lease must always be completed prior to the event in question. This cannot be done by email or on-site, but only by postal mail directly to the APHA office in Fort Worth or online through PH Central. 

After the APHA has processed the Show Lease, you will receive a certificate by email, which must be presented to the show office. Otherwise, the show office cannot recognize that there is a Show Lease.

The actual owner and his family members cannot start the leased horse in Amateur classes during this period. This is only reserved for the lessee and his family members. As mentioned at the beginning, it is to be considered like a sale for time. Anyone who has leased his horse to another person and still starts Amateur classes will be disqualified afterwards.

At Euro Paint, horses owned by others (not owned by yourself, family owned or leased) can be shown in Novice Amateur, Novice Youth and Youth classes. The riders will still get all the titles, but the horse will not get any points in its show record.

If you are not sure if you have done everything correctly, please contact us and we will try to help. We also want to avoid a later disqualification, because you take away the chance for other participants to get placed.