Euro Paint with record number of entries

Euro Paint 2022 is establishing itself as the largest paint show outside the USA. The already good numbers of Euro Paint 2019 were topped again this year – with 1587 APHA, 33 Walk-Trot as well as 66 Futurity/Maturity starts and a total of 447 horse-rider combinations, the 22nd APHA European Paint Horse Championships was a complete success for the European Paint Horse scene. The incomparable atmosphere of the Euro Paint, with the highlights Youth World Games, Nations Cup, Futurity/Maturity and the popular Paint People Party creates a show that is more and more appreciated by breeders, riders, owners. The international guests, Melanie Cox-Dayhuff (APHA President, Board of Directors), Dr. Billy Smith, APHA Executive Director and many more enjoyed their time at Euro Paint very much and praised the professional environment and the quality of horses and exhibitors at Euro Paint.

Our thanks go to the main sponsor of the event Atcom ( and to all the numerous sponsors, without whom such a big event would not be imaginable!
A special thanks goes to the owners who made their horses available for the Youth World Games. Without you the show would not have been possible!

Thank you to the entire Euro Paint team – judges, scribes, show office, doormen, arena, catering and award girls! You made the show very special!

Nations Cup

5 nations faced the international team of judges consisting of Tanja Hermann, Susanne Haug, Janette Dublin, Jamieson Gross and Casey L. Orr on Thursday, 26.08.2022. Each nation provides one rider for the disciplines Trail, Western Pleasure, Western Horsemanship, Showmanship and Reining.

With 51 points, the title this year went to the team from the Czech Republic. Second was the Austrian team with 49 points, followed by Germany (44 points), the Netherlands (30 points) and Belgium (25 points).

Team Czech Republic

Western Pleasure – N Somnia Fancy, Alena Kralikova
Western Horsemanship – Bella Forever R, Nicole Macakova
Showmanship – Blue Heaven Zipi, Nikol Pavlicova
Reining – Tidalgun, Irena Machalikova
Trail – Special Impulsion, Petr Jancik

Team Austria

Western Pleasure – Like Smoking Gun,  Sarah Maria Cividino
Western Horsemanship – Like Smoking Gun, Felix Freiss
Showmanship – Invest In Victory, Christina Mayr
Reining – Gunners Goldmine, Silvia Zoetsch
Trail – Olenas Rocks, Sophie Muhr

Team Germany

Western Pleasure – Gimmie A Sensation, Tanja Klink
Western Horsemanship – Zippo Magnum Phil, Julia Roedel
Showmanship – Unzipping The Assets, Dominik Schuster
Reining – Could You Be The One, Petra Weber
Trail -Hesa Indian Cat, Claudia Huber

Team Netherlands

Western Pleasure – Amazing Hot N Rich, Saskia Moeskops
Western Horsemanship – Docs Flaming Frost, Ivana Palmister
Showmanship – Amazing Hot Sizzy, Janice Remmers
Reining – Diggers Double San, Michelle Dierx
Trail – Ima Sensational Mover, Kevin Holthuijsen

Team Belgium

Western Pleasure – Felicia Simon, Davidee Desoil
Western Horsemanship – RS Renior Olena, Jessy Goossens
Showmanship – Ultimately Invited, Alessia Meyen
Reining – Smalt Is Sensational, Mara Benita Von Skopnik
Trail – Wrap and Roll, Ellen Compagnie


APHA Youth World Games 21.-25.08.2022

Defending champion USA was not to be beaten at these Youth World Games! This year’s Youth World Games remained exciting until the very end: With consistently good performances, the team secured the overall victory with 36 points ahead of Team Germany and France.
APHA President Melanie Cox-Dayhuff presented the winning teams with buckles made by Gist Silversmiths.

Team United States 36 Points
•    Nyeah Krasnow-Osorio – Showmanship
•    Riley Francis – Horsemanship
•    Abigail Zawisza – Equitation
•    Cody Dulin – Ranch Riding

Team Germany 32 Points
•    Lea Klink – Showmanship
•    Clara Maurer – Horsemanship
•    Mia Lehmann – Equitation
•    Chiana Koehler – Ranch Riding
•    Larissa Hahn – Substitute

Team  France 31 Punkte
•    Camille Brisard – Showmanship
•    Fleurine Maras – Horsemanship
•    Sixtine Toubon – Equitation
•    Alicia Kalakun – Ranch Riding
•    Jade Pen – Substitute

A big thank you goes to the horse owners who donated their American Paint Horses for the Youth World Games:

A Set Of Magic, Owner: Tanja Klink
Felicia Simon, Owner: Davidee Desoil
Goodilicious  Owner: Katrin Tengg
Gunners Goldmine, Owner: Silvia Zoetsch
Lightning Invitation, Owner: Verena Zanchetta
Olenas Rocks, Owner: Bianka Tengg
Real Sweet Marks, Owner: Ivana Pallister
Smalt Is Sensational, Owner: Mara Benita von Skopnik
SQ Hot Shiny Princess, Owner: Monika Hagen
SQ Justified, Owner: Cornelia Pangerl
SQ Mr Bombastic, Owner: Felictas Knauer
SQ Shegothestyle, Owner: Monika Hagen
SQ Starlet Cash, Owner: Sabrina Rauh
Sun Peppy Train, Owner: Anna Middelberg
TL Cherokees Beauty, Owner: Monika Hagen
Unzippin The Assets, Owner: Jasmin Schuster
Zips Spirit Of LLChip, Owner: Ilka Dirks


PHCG Futurity/Maturity

The PHCG Futurity and Maturity classes were held for the highest prize money of the last 5 years of 28.800.- Euro.

Futurity Halter Weanling Mares
1.  New York Pretty – Pending  Sire: CR Game Set Match, Dam: Tardys Cute Traveler,  E: Katja Altenstrasser O: Katja Altenstrasser B: Katja Altenstrasser

Futurity Halter Weanling Stallions/Geldings
1. Pending  Sire: Amazing Hot N Rich Dam: JH Mrs Brown E: Janice Remmers O: Stefan Schrievers B: Stefan Schrievers

Champion of Champions
1. Pending,  Sire: Amazing Hot N Rich Dam: JH Mrs Brown E: Janice Remmers O: Stefan Schrievers B: Stefan Schrievers

Maturity Halter 1 Year Old Mares
1. AM Ambrosia, Sire: TheWayYouMoveMe Dam: The First Invitation E: Anna Guerlich O: Marija Eberhardt B: Marija Eberhardt

Maturity Halter 1 Year Old Stallions/Geldings
1.PPR Royals Skip Sulu, Sire: Docsroyal Champmgr  Dam: Skipa Kid Rio E: Fabienne Scharf  O: Fabienne Scharf B: Erich Heidinger

Maturity Halter 2 Year Old Mares
1. Milliondollarbaby VVS, Sire: Zippos Sensation Dam: Red Hot Debutante E: Elodie Pley-Dumoncay O: Elodie Pley-Dumoncay B: Elodie Pley-Dumoncay

Maturity Halter 2 Year Old Stallions/Geldings
1. Special Heaven Dream, Sire: Special Impulsions Dam: Bos Fancy Heaven E: Lena Hofmann O: Lena Hofmann B: Michaela Tesinska

Futurity Western Pleasure
1. Original Fantasy, Sire: The Original Cowboy Dam: Spicy Fantasy E: Nikol Pavlicova O: Miroslava Skanderova B: Giorgio Viel

Maturity Western Pleasure
1. One N Only Cowgirl, Sire: The Original Cowboy Dam: You Are The One E: Freja Aase Olsen O: Freja Aase Olsen B: Johanna Grabner

Futurity Reining
1. Guns N Revolution, Sire: Gunners Revolution Dam: Diamonds N Guns E: Maria-Katharina Fichtel O: Ricarda Hucke B: Ricarda Hucke

Maturity Reining
1. Hollywood Gun Flash, Sire: Gunnersaurus Rex Dam: RS Maid Jac Flash E: Sandra Grella O: Sandra Grella B: Radim Holovsky

Maturity Trail
1. E Gun, Sire: Big Chic Gun Dam: Lenas Amazing Grace E: Egon Wolf  O: Egon Wolf & Edith Buchberger B: Johanna & Franz Vorraber

Maturity Hunter Under Saddle
1. Whata Smart Asset, Sire: Whata Vested Asset Dam: JNR Smart Jacky E: Johanna Grabner O: Brigitte Mayr B: Martin & Susanne Mueller