PHCG Sport Promotion Program:
Currently 81 entries have been received in the show office for the various classes, so the Futurity / Maturity program can also report an increase of about 10%.

In addition to the prize money, this year’s Maturity Trail will feature a CR Game Set Match mating sponsored by Bianca Raedler.

Late entries in the Futurity / Maturity classes will be accepted up to 2 days before the day the class is held. A late entry fee of 50 Euro will be charged.
Any Paint Horse registered with the APHA is eligible to compete in the Futurity and Maturity classes,  as long as the owner and exhibtor are members of the PHCG and the sire was entered in the PHCG Futurity and Maturity program in the year prior to his birth. Furthermore, the horse must be born in Europe.