The schedule was extended for all kids who have outgrown the Lead Line, but not yet far enough for the Youth classes, with 2 competitions. The Youth Walk Trot Showmanship and the Youth Walk Trot Horsemanship.

All children between 6 and 11 years can practice here among their peers and with pre-published patterns. You will find the possible patterns on our website this weekend and then you can start practicing.

In order to make the competition fun and safe for everyone, we have prepared a small explanation and rules.

  • All children between 6 (from the 6th birthday) and 11 years (completion of the 11th year) may participate
  • The children do not need a membership
  • Regular as well as SPB can be presented, the horses do not have to be owned by the family
  • No stallions may be presented
  • Regardless of the age of the horse, it may be ridden one-handed in a bit or two-handed in a snaffle bit/hackamore
  • Helmets are mandatory in ridden classes
  • Participants in Walk Trot classes are not allowed to participate in any other competition except Halter classes
  • The size of the arena will be adapted to the level of the exhibitors
  • A selection of possible patterns will be published early, which one will be taken will be published at the same time as all other patterns
  • In ridden classes, a parent or adult may join the line up and assist in the completion of the class if necessary. This does not lead to disqualification, but the participant will be placed behind those children who have mastered the class without support
  • The disqualification rules for Novice riders apply
  • In all points not explicitly regulated, the APHA Rulebook applies
  • There is no individual placing for each judge, only an overall placing
  • There are no European Champion titles