What information do I need to have ready for my entry?

In order to be able to enter your starts, you have already completed an important step. You have registered in the entry portal.
If the show is now released for entry, you must of course know which classes you want to start and what you need for boxes, but much more important are the data that you must enter about the horse.

You have to enter the following data once:

Name -> as stated on the Certificate of Registration (CoR) of the APHA / for foals that are not yet registered please enter NameSire x NameMother

APHA Reg-No. -> you will also find this on the (CoR) / for foals not yet registered please enter 999999

Date of birth


Breed -> here you have to choose between Paint Horse (=Regular) or Paint Horse Solid

Futurity/Maturity –> if you set the field to “yes” you will also get the corresponding classes to enter (of course the horse must be eligible to start)

Transponder or UELN No. -> We need this information because of the livestock traffic regulations. You will find the transponder number (microchip number) in the equine passport.
In older passports of the PHCG on page 3 (microchip number) In new passports of the PHCG on page 1 (transponder code)

In passports of other issuing bodies the position can of course differ, but it should always be indicated with transponder code or microchip number.

Since the transponders became obligatory only in 2013, it can be for earlier born horses also that no transponder was set. In this case we need the “Unique Life Number/Numéro unique d’identification valable à vie/Identification No./No. D’identification” which can also be found in the equine passport.

Since a foal at the foot of the mother may not yet have an equine passport, please enter the transponder number of the mother. Since horses can only be transported with an equine passport or with the mother’s foot, you must also bring this passport with the mother.

Since this data will not change (except for stallions that are gelded), the data of the horse will be saved for future entries. Therefore, please make sure to enter the data correctly, because a change is not possible for you later. Changes can only be made by us as admin and therefore errors can delay your entry.

Later in the entry you have to add the current stable address. Here we need the name of the stable, street, postal code and city. This information is also mandatory due to the new livestock traffic regulations.