Highly profitable Futurity classes at Euro Paint

27,000 Euros in cash and non-cash prizes are on offer in the Futurity classes this year. In the Reining Fututrity alone, 2,500 Euros in prize money will be up for grabs.

At the moment only a few riders have entered – it is still worth to enter here! Late entries in the Futurity classes will be accepted up to 2 days before the start of the competition for  entry fee and additional  late entry fee of 50.00 Euros. Offspring born in 2016 and 2017 of the stallions entered in the Futurity Reining are eligible to compete.


All conditions of participation Futurity/ Maturity

Schedule Euro Paint 2021




FMW Futurity Weanling Mares
MMY Maturity Yearling Mares
MM2 Maturity 2-Yr-Old Mares
FSW Futurity Weanling Stallions
MSY Maturity Yearling Stallions/Geldings
MS2 Maturity 2-Yr-Old Stallions/Geldings

FP Futurity Western Pleasure (3 & 4 Years Old)
FR Futurity Reining (4 & 5 Years Old)
MP Maturity Western Pleasure (5 & 6 Years Old)
MH Maturity Hunter Under Saddle (5 & 6 Years Old)
MT Maturity Trail (5 & 6 Years Old)
MR Maturity Reining (6 & 7 Years Old)