In order to compete in Novice Amateur, Amateur and Novice Youth classes, you need an appropriate card from APHA. This year it looks like this:

On the top right you can see how long the card itself is valid and below when your membership expires. For Novice Amateur and Novice Youth there is a row of numbers at the bottom, which shows in which of the categories you are still eligible to compete. As soon as a * is noted there, you are not allowed to start in this discipline Novice anymore.

It is good to now this classification already in advance, so that you will not be disqualified afterwards. And if you do it in time, you can also save 25 USD Rush Fee.

We recommend to submit the application online at least 14 days before the show and if you want to do it through us, then until 3 weeks before the show. After that you have to pay the Rush Fee!

If you have your own credit card, you can submit the application online directly to APHA:

2021 Novice Amateur + Amateur Card Application

2021 Novice Youth card application

If you want to apply through us (and maybe have already selected the appropriate fee in the entry), please send us a short email to if you want to fill out the application in advance and mail it to us.