First of all, you must register at with the participant’s account. Every participant needs an own account, only children under 16 years can be registered with their parents/guardians.

When you are logged in, you can click on “Create show entry now” in the lower left corner. Next you select an exhibitor. In most cases only you are entered, if you have children who should participate, you can select them here.

Next you will see the shows you can enter. Click on them and click on “Next” in the lower right corner.

Then you will see all the horses that have already been created in the system. With the magnifying glass under the names you can search for the horse later. For the first creation you have to click the button “+ Add horse” in the upper right corner. Only with a further nomination, no matter for which presenter, you can use the already created data.

As already described in detail HERE, you must enter the correct data of the horse. Please check this again before you tick the box and click on “Confirm”. Changes to the horse can only be made by us and you will only see classes that fit this horse in the following entry procedure.

Due to the livestock traffic regulations we need the stable address of your horse. And of course for the APHA the relationship to the owner of the horse. If the horse belongs to you, please select “Own Horse”.

Trainers, riding partners, friends etc. are all classified as “Unrelated”. In case of a “Show Lease” we will need the document issued by APHA later by email. With “Next” you will now get to the classes.

Here you can click on all desired classes. You will only see the classes that match your chosen divisions, your age, the color of the horse (Regular/Solid), the sex of the horse and the age of the horse. This is why it is so important that your profile and the horse data are filled in correctly.

Again, click “Next” to proceed to the next section.

Since the Office Charge is per horse/rider combination, this point cannot be deselected. With the first entry for the horse on this show, the APHA fee is automatically selected (not here in the example, because we have already recorded a test entry). If there is a check mark in the area Contingent, then there is only a certain number. You can see here how many boxes / tack rooms are still bookable. If the quantity is set to “0” then this position is fully booked.

In order for you to be able to book more than one horse in the same stable, we recommend that you select the appropriate number of boxes when you make your first booking. The quantity is preset to 1, but this can be changed. For the further entries please give us a note under remarks that the box with horse XY has already been named. Please do this only if you are sure that the other persons will also enter, otherwise we will charge you for the boxes.


On the last page you will see a summary and you can leave us a comment (e.g. if you would like to have the box with XY). With the click on “Send entry with costs” we will receive the entry and you will receive an email as confirmation.

If you want i.e. your trainer to be entered on this horse as well, he has to log in with his account and go through the procedure from the beginning. Only he will not have to create the horse again, but can simply select it. Of course he does not need an additional stall reservation, please enter this only with one nomination.

Once the entry has been sent, you can no longer make any changes in the portal. Also single classes can not be renominated here. Please write us an email at so that we can make the change/addition for you.