On Saturday 07/17/21 is the entry deadline for this year’s Euro Paint.
Please help us to plan and enter all entries in time.
After entry closing, the entry option will be taken offline until the available entries are processed.
After that, we will reopen it for late entries with the appropriate additional fee.

Important to know: Only completely filled out entry forms which arrived in time will be accepted. Entry forms can be send only online at https://nennung.phcg.de. The organizer has the right to reject late entries, generally or for single classes only. Late entries or changes (horse/rider) must be declared at the show office until 6 p.m. two days before the class is scheduled.

Late entries are only possible in classes that have not been deleted at the entry deadline and only if they are reported up to two days before the class is held. (Example: The class takes place on Friday, the entry must be made by Wednesday at the latest)

Late entry fee per class: 20,00 Euro
Late entry fee per Futurity classes: 50,00 €

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