You might already have won a prize from Bucas in 2014. This year Bucas supports the EuroPaint on even a bigger scale and we look forward to present a Bucas Power Cooler to every European Champion. This year you don’t ride only because of the honor, you could also get something in return. The Bucas Power Cooler convinced anyone by it’s quality and you get a really high quality prize. Certainly one more reason to compete at the EuroPaint 2015.


Show Your Horse

You are Amateur or Youth starter and want to show yourself and your horse in the EuroPaint program? You already know the ads from Show Your Horses and would like to present yourself the same way?


Yeahhh, EuroPaint is the second largest APHA Show in 2014 and the largest outside of North America.

Steppin Jackson

This year the classes will be held before the start of the EuroPaint on Sunday, 23.08.2015. Our new Futurity Manager Sabine Raedler would be pleased to see you there.