On 18.05 the Paint Horse Club Germany e.V. informed the Zone Committee, which is responsible for the Euro Paint, that it will not be holding this year's Euro Paint.

We all hoped that this would not be necessary, but it is still not foreseeable whether all Europeans will be able to cross borders without problems at the end of August. Therefore, the PHCG Board of Directors considers it more sporting fair to cancel the European championship this year.

For this reason, the Youth World Games also planned for this year will be postponed for one year in agreement with APHA. Details will be publishe by APHA.

Since we still hope that shows will be possible again at this time, we will keep the date in Kreuth. Should the conditions conected with a permit be feasible, we will hold this year's German Championship and the PHCG Futurity at the end of August in Kreuth.

The health of all participants must surely have the highest priority and the Gut Matheshof facility offers at least the best possible chance to keep distance rules.

We will stay in contact with the responsible authorities and will inform you if a 4 judges show can take place in August.

Please be patient and stay healthy.