The Patterns for this years EuroPaint are online.


We were even surprised by the online announcements of the Quarter Horse Championships on Tuesday in the internet and used the last days to learn more about the facts and not to follow the many rumors that have been particularly widespread in Facebook.


We now received the NRHA USA Approval for the 5.000 Euro Reining Challenge. So the prize money will count to the Lifetime Earning of the NRHA.


"From official side, there are no restrictions because our county is not affected by animal health closures regarding infectious anemia." is the text of the official e-mail from Dr. Melanie Fruck, County Veterinarian Amberg-Sulzbach.


German post offices were on strike. Now they are working again but we want to make sure that nothing got lost. So from now on we will update this list with received entries as often as we could.